About Talisman

  • We are Chennai’s first professional tattoo artists
  • In the Indian tattoo business there are no certifying bodies. So a pro is someone who has the technique and experience to consistently produce quality tattoos.
  • Masters of the art, from abroad, drilled us in proper tattooing technique. We then spent 3.5 years gaining the experience we needed to become professionals. 
  • We started Talisman for our community of tattoo-lovers.
  • In our profession, news travels best by word-of-mouth. We started Talisman to do justice to this community
  • By cutting down on our overheads, we’ve been able to create the quality tattoos we’re known for, but at competitive prices.

Our Work

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“Every mark I’ve had drawn on my skin connects me to where and who I’ve been – so I never forget who I am and how I got here.”

- Charles de Lint, Someplace To Be Flying


Safe and Hygienic

All the equipment in our tattoo studio is imported from abroad and we maintain the safety standards you’ve come to trust and rely on. This includes using:

  • An autoclave (producing high pressure steam) to sterilize the tubes we use.
  • An ultrasonic cleaner to clean smaller components of our equipment.
  • Fresh needles sealed in packaging that we open in front of you.
  • Small quantities of ink, so ink that has been exposed to a needle is never reused.
  • A new set of surgical gloves for each session.

Quality assured

We import our ink from abroad to guarantee vibrant tattoos that last. Choose from our portfolio of flash tattoos (ready-made tattoo designs) or visit our studio to get a custom-designed tattoo.


Caring For your tattoo

Aftercare will be provided once the tattoo is done to let you know how to take care of the tattoo.


Discounts & Offers

10% off

Like your first Talisman tattoo? Come back for more and we’ll give you 10% off on your 2nd one. If you love getting tattoos, we love giving them!


Gift vouchers

Want a novel, meaningful gift for a friend? Give them a @Talismantattoos gift voucher and they get a gift that lasts a lifetime! Contact us for details

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Tattoo Classes

  • There was a time when only drunken sailors in seedy bars had tattoos. But the modern client is more likely to be a model asking for an elegant custom-designed tattoo on her back. If you want to be a tattoo artist, your tattoos will have to have firm lines, intricate detailing, and delicate shading. You will need sound technique.
  • Sound technique is what differentiates good artists from excellent ones. It takes them out of a tattoo shop and puts them in a tattoo studio.
  • But you can’t get sound technique from experience alone. For proof, just visit one of the hundreds of artists out there who’ve picked up a tattoo gun and started ‘practicing’.
  • Having been trained by foreign tattoo masters (with 15 years’ experience) and being Chennai’s first professional tattoo artists, we guarantee you will have the tattoo technique of a pro in 3 weeks. After that, the only determining factor will be your innate artistic ability.
  • Timing:    Can be negotiated to fit your schedule.
  • Students per class:     Maximum of 2.
  • Cost:    Rs. 75,000/- per student.
  • 40 tattoos to make your money back.
  • With tattoos usually starting at INR. 2000 you’ll have made your money back after completing just 38 tattoos.
  • Sterilizing your equipment and providing aftercare support.
  • Tuning and adjusting your tattoo gun.
  • Operational techniques (e.g. choosing the right needles for each stage of tattooing – there are more than 15 types of needles used for outlining and 20-25 used for shading; applying the right amount of pressure; etc.)
  • The art of outlining.
  • The art of shading and coloring, color mixing and theory.
  • Your tattooing medium.
  • We will provide commercially available ‘fake skins’ for you to practice on.
  • You can use our equipment and ink for a 2-week period after the course, to practice on willing subjects.
  • You will have access to our network of contacts.

For more information: Please get in touch with us on the net or call us at +919841318546


AishwariyaaBhaskaran (Actress)

They know what works for you

“There’s honesty and integrity in Amar. His work is clean and he will NOT make you look ugly. Even if you come in with weird ideas, he’ll be straightforward with his opinion. He’ll tell you which colours will look good on you and which won’t. He knows what will work for your skin and body type.

For example I had asked him to use maroon on my tattoo but he suggested red instead. Just imagine if he hadn’t, then I’d have got maroon and would have been cursing in the end. You should be able to trust your tattoo artist and Amar is top notch. I think his work is along the lines of the guys at LA Ink and Miami ink.”


They understand the concepts behind your tattoo.

“My husband and I had decided to get identical tattoos on his 38th birthday, but he passed away a week before the big day. I put aside the idea of getting the tattoo, but then figured … why not go ahead with it anyway? Life’s too short.

I had designed my own tattoos, so was slightly concerned about whether Nisha would be able to execute my ideas well. In fact, when I went to meet her I was expecting some ‘funky tattoo babe’…

But, being Chennai’s first professional female tattoo artist. I was very comfortable with her and noticed that she understood what my tattoos were about – the concept and reasoning behind them. She seemed to automatically choose the very colors I had in mind and as she started tattooing, there was a smooth flow to the whole process. In fact, if you ask her I’m sure she’d say her hand was moving almost by itself! She had a definite connection with the design. And there was so much positive energy in the room.

"Later, Amar worked on my Tibetan mantra and did an equally great job. He was very well prepared and professional, and it shows in the design – it’s so intricate and smooth!”

Rajesh Iyer

Nice service at a rock-bottom price

“I was looking for a good deal from a nice artist … and I got that. No-frills work. Nice service at a rock-bottom price.”

Harikrishnan B.

They respect their clients

“What I really love about Amar and Nisha is that they don’t just tell you what you want to hear. Like, I remember I was planning to get the tattoo of a ring on my thumb but Amar actually advised against it, saying that I’d regret it in a couple of years … that especially in India it’d cause problems at work. And he was right. The thing is he could have just taken my money and done the tattoo, but he didn’t. That goes to show how much respect both he and Nisha have for their clients.”


They are accessible and open

“I remember being quite surprised to find out that Amar and Nisha don’t have tattoos themselves. Weird, right? :) But Nisha really put me at ease quite quickly. And what I liked the most was that she took the effort to call me later to see if I was following the aftercare instructions properly. They were both very accessible and open … and that makes such a difference.”


They work hard to make sure you are satisfied with your tattoo

“I was getting my children’s initials tattooed on me, so the whole experience was very personal and intense. What I liked was the flexibility with which Amar and Nisha approached the process. They were willing to listen to my suggestions and work with what I had in mind. At no point did they push me. They made sure I was completely satisfied.

Most of us have seen shows like Miami Ink and LA Ink on TV, and the thing is that these guys have the technique to match those artists. Their work is the same as what you see on your television screens. They’re just that good!”

Navin Peter

They take time to understand exactly what you want

“The difference between Amar and other tattoo artists is the same as the difference between Allopathic and Homeopathic doctors.

They take time to understand exactly what you want

With Allopathy, medicines are prescribed as soon as possible; whereas with Homeopathy, the doctor has in-depth conversations with patients to understand them completely before suggesting medication.

Amar is like that. I’ve noticed that he takes the time to understand his clients and build trust and a level of comfort. That’s very important.”

Sheryl D’Cunha

Getting tattooed didn’t hurt at all because of their level of skill

“When Amar tattooed me it didn’t hurt at all. In fact, I went to sleep :) . I think that’s a huge sign of how skilled he is. Also, he keeps his mouth shut while he works! That’s something I love about him!He puts a lot of dedication into his work and it shows … I’ve got 8 tattoos to prove it!!!”

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